UPDATE: 2022-01-05 【Punishing: Gray Raven】


It's already half year sinced PGR Global has launched. To celebrate, if Commandants upload PGR videos and add hashtag #PGRHalfAnni on YouTube during the event, will be regarded as participating in the event. Upload videos and there's a chance to win in-game items like Construct R&D Tickets, Black Cards if your video's views meet requirement!

Event Rules:

1. Submission Duration: 2022/1/5 - 2022/2/5 (UTC)


2. Views Calculation Date: 2022/02/15 08:00 (UTC)


3. PGR Official will appraise the entries based on their quality, content, etc. to see if they meet the requirements. For the approved entries, their award will be decided based on the views by 2022/02/15 08:00 (UTC).


4. When your video views reach the minimum requirement (at least 5,000 views), please join our official Discord channel (contest-event-rule) and upload your video information in the specified channel. When we finish the views calculation on 2022/02/15 08:00 (UTC), our staff will contact you by your email in your Youtube Channel description to inform the reward distribution details.



5. Only original works are allowed to participate in the event. If you reference other authors' works in your video, please list the sources in your video's description and follow the rules related to materials using. If we verify that you violate the rules or plagiarize other authors' works, the entry will be disqualified from the event.


6. Video length is unlimited and please remember to add hashtag #PGRHalfAnni when uploading video on YouTube.


7. Don't use an already released video as your entry or delete then re-submit a video you uploaded before. Besides, the video you upload can't contain watermarks of other platforms.


8. For collaboration video, please upload it by one specific account and don't upload the same video by multiple uploaders repeatedly.


9. If the video is a collaboration between multiple parties, the uploader must have the consent of all collaborators


10. Entries won't be approved if they contain restricted, sensitive or controversial content. Please note that entries contain noticeable commercial promotion elements are not allowd to participate in the event.


11. You can submit your videos unlimitedly but you can win the reward once. If your video views meet the requirements of multiple tiers, you will get the highest tier reward based on your video views by 2022/02/15 08:00 (UTC).


12. PGR Official owns the rights to promote the entries. The author retains attribution of their works permanently.


 After we calculate the video views of all entries, their reward tiers will be determined based on the views. For the approved entries that reach at least 5,000 video views, our staffs will contact the authors via Discord or personal email to collect the game account info (for reward distribution). Please reply our staffs within 7 working days and provide game account info after they contact you. All the rewards will be distributed within 14 working days when the views calculation is done.


Commandants can get the following rewards if you upload PGR videos with hashtag #PGRHalfAnni on YouTube between 2022/1/2 and 2022/1/30 (UTC) and the views reach 5,000/10,000/15,000 before 2022/02/15 08:00 (UTC):

① Tier 3

Views: 5,000

Rewards: Basic Weapon R&D Ticket *500 + Basic Construct R&D Ticket *500

② Tier 2

Views: 10,000

Rewards: Basic Construct R&D Ticket *1,500

③ Tier 1

Views: 15,000

Rewards: Event Construct R&D Ticket *2,000


Rewards of each tier cannot be stacked, which means if your video's views reach 15,000, you can only get Tier 1 rewards and can't get the other two tiers rewards simultaneously.

Rewards will be sent to winners' PGR Global game account via in-game mail, please make sure you can log in to claim the rewards normally.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the following ways:

Customer Service Email:

PGR Official Discord link :