UPDATE: 2021-11-17 【Punishing: Gray Raven】

夜航版本公告1323.pngGreeting Commandants,

Thank you for supporting Punishing: Gray Raven. We plan to perform the update maintenance of the new version "Nona Ouroboros" on 11/17, 2021. During the maintenance, Commandants will unable to enter the game temporarily. To prevent data loss, please get offline in advance before the maintenance starts, thanks for your understanding.


11/17, 02:00 - 09:00 am (UTC) 


Black Cards *500, Serum Bundle (S) *1

I. New Construct | 6★ Weapon | Coating

== New Construct ==

➢ Chrome: Arclight

Info: A-Rank, Tank

- 100% rate up in [Basic Construct Research] during 11/18, 08:00 - 12/16, 07:59 (UTC).

- Will be permanently added and 80% rate up in [Basic Construct Research] after 12/16, 08:00 (UTC).

- Can also acquire his Inver - Shard from the event shop -- Virtual Mart.

== New 6★ Weapon ==

➢ St. Elmo (Chrome: Arclight Exclusive)

- Available in [Basic Weapon Research] (after maintenance on 11/17) and [Target Weapon Research] (on 11/18, 08:00 (UTC)).

== New Coatings ==

➢ Dream Eater (Arclight)

◇Price: 68 RC (30% off)

◆Discount Period: 11/18, 08:00 - 12/21, 07:59 (UTC).

(*The Coating Dream Eater will be sold in the regular Coating Shop at the original price after the discount period.)

➢ Ink-lit Hermit (Varitas's special Effect Coating) 

◇Price: 168 RC (30% off, contains Coating and Coating Portrait)

◆Discount Period: 11/24, 08:00 - 12/21, 07:59 (UTC).

(*The Coating Ink-lit Hermit will not be added to the regular Coating Shop after the discount period.)

II. New Chapter

== New Main Story: Nona Ouroboros ==

◆Duration: After maintenance on 11/17 - 12/21, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

- New Chapter Nona Ouroboros is available to all Commandants during the event. Commandants can try out new Chrome: Arclight in certain stages.

- It will remain as a Main Story Chapter after the event, which needs Commandants to complete the prerequisites to access the content. (clear the stage: Eternal Engine Hidden 10-6)

== Interlude: Arclight ==

◆Duration: After maintenance on 11/17 - 12/21, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

- New Interlude for Chrome: Arclight is available to all Commandants during the event. Commandants can obtain Inver - Shard - Arclight through the Interlude challenge stage. 

- After the event, Commandants will have to obtain Construct Chrome: Arclight to access the content.

III. New Events

== Nona Ouroboros 7 Days Log-in ==

◆Duration: After maintenance on 11/17 - 12/1, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.20+

The Log-in reward contains 5★ Memory Lucia - Summer Daze (Grid 02, 05).

== Challenge Stages: Cornered in Cruise ==

◆Duration: After maintenance on 11/17 - 12/21, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

[Normal Mode]

- Normal Mode stages mainly drop event token Metal Grub, Holographic Tickets and Memories.

[Abyss Mode]

- Abyss Mode stages are guaranteed to drop 6★ Memories. Holographic Tickets are needed for beginning the stages.

== Event Shop ==

◆Duration: After maintenance on 11/17 - 12/22, 01:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.20+

[Financial Terminal] 

- Collecting Electronic Stamps to unlock the milestone rewards. Can obtain Electronic Stamps through the event stages ( Cornered in Cruise, Abode of Gods) and event missions.

[Virtual Mart] 

- Consume event token Metal Grub to get Inver-Shard - Arclight, 6★ Memory Sets, Dorm Residents and Enhance Materials.

== Border Pact ==

◆Duration: After maintenance on 11/17 

Requirement: Commandant Lv.70+

- Capture areas and station your team members for defense. Area clear reward contains 6★ Memory Shards.

== Exploration Stages: Path of Stars ==

◆Duration: 11/22, 07:00 (UTC) - 12/06, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.55+

- Path of Stars is a roguelike exploration stage. Commandants are supposed to explore the mystery zone and reach the final boss.

- The exploration attempts will be daily reset at 7 am (UTC).  

== Co-op: Duel! Rosetta ==

◆Duration: 11/29, 07:00 (UTC) - 12/13, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.50+

- Boss Rosetta will come back to the Co-op again with a new Overclock Difficulty (Hell level). Complete the corresponding Co-op missions will bring some great rewards.

== Boss Challenge: Abode of Gods ==

◆Duration: 12/07, 07:00 (UTC) - 12/21, 06:59 (UTC)

Requirement: Commandant Lv.40+

- Commandant will fight against the Boss Huaxu(5 difficulties) with your Constructs. The 1st clear reward contains BCs, Metal Grub and Holographic Tickets.

IV. Updated Contents

== General ==

1. Added "Codex" system where Commandant can unlock and go through the info of Monster, Weapon, Memory, or replay the storyline.

2. Added Weapon Structural Transform system. The Weapon outlook will get a slight change after resonance every time. (Now the system is only available for Tonitrus, Scion, St. Elmo, Peacemaker and Purple Peony in Nona Ouroboros version, other Weapons will be added in the future.)

3. Added "Reboot" option in the stages of Main Story (Normal & Hidden), Border Pact, and Path of Star. When all Constructs get defeated in the battle, Commandants can consume Cogs to reboot the whole team and continue the battle.

4. Added "Retry" button in "Stronghold" stages.

5. Added "Low-Battery" tips on the main screen.

6. Added "Other VFX" option in "Setting" - "Graphics Setting".

7. Added PGR Official Discord external link in "News"-"External Site".

8. Adjusted the "return" button logic of Android devices. Now it only can use for exiting the game app on any interface and will pop up a confirmation page.

9. Increased Commandant Level upper limit to Level 120.

10. Removed the daily missions "Enhance Weapon", "Enhance Memory" and "Construct Upgrade", and issued the removed missions rewards (squad exp and daily activity) to the daily missions "Co-op Challenge", "Buy Item" and "Construct".

11. Optimized the monster show-up positions in the Interlude Challenge stages of Lucia: Dawn, Liv: Eclipse, Watanabe: Nightblade, Watanabe: Astral and Ayla: Brilliance.

12. Optimized the performance and the difficulty of unlocking the hidden story in Lucia: Lotus's Interlude 6. When entering the stage for the second time, Commandant can reach the NPC for the Buff.

13. Optimized the performance and the difficulty of unlocking the hidden story in Lee: Palefire's Interlude stage 5. When entering the stage for the second time, Commandant can reach the NPC for the Buff.

14. Optimized the performance and the difficulty of unlocking the hidden story in Nanami: Storm's Interlude stage 6. Nanami: Storm will do less damage to the civilian.

15. Optimized the performance and the difficulty of unlocking the hidden story in Watanabe: Nightblade's Interlude stage 5. Prevent from being detected within 3 seconds after assassinating the monster.

16. Optimized the text description of the 6★ Weapon Resonance Material, and the item can be viewed in the warehouse now.

17. Optimize the issue that the camera may freeze under the "shooting mode" of some emulators when dragging.

18. Optimized the translation for some storylines, Constructs Secrets and Files.

19. Unclaimed Co-op mission rewards will be sent via in-game mail.

== Memory ==

1. Optimized description for the 4-piece effect of [Catherine]. From "When taking damage, gains a shield equal to 20% of own DEF, nullifies the Physical DMG taken this time, and increases the Physical DMG dealt by 15% for 5s. 8s cooldown." to "When taking damage, gains a shield that absorbs damage equal to 20% of own DEF, as well as increasing the Physical DMG dealt by 15% for 5s. 8s cooldown." (did not change the numerical value)

2. Fixed the healing charge issue in the 4-piece effect of [Guinevere] and [Philip II] that the number of healing charges would be less than the actual effects sometimes.

3. Increased preset Memory storage upper limit to 20.

== Construct ==

1. Optimized Watanabe: Astral's signature skill performance, now it will not move forward without locking the target.

2. Optimized Lee: Entropy's signature skill performance, now it will aim at the current locked target with priority.

3. Fixed the name inconsistency issue for Liv: Lux's resonated red orb skill.

4. Optimized Lucia Dawn's signature skill performance. When triggering the signature skill again during the effect duration, the close-up will no longer be played, and the duration of the signature skill will be refreshed.

== Dorm==

1. Added "Multi-Build" and "Multi-Refit" options in "Dorm Decor Build".

2. Added "Other" category in "Dorm" - "Decorate" - "All Decor Style".

3. Added "Other" option in "Dorm" - "Warehouse" - "Decor Set Filter".

4. Increased Customized Dorm Name characters' upper limit to 12.

5. Revised the maximum furniture place number in each Dormitory to 150. (current exceeding placed furniture will be re-stored in the warehouse automatically in the order of Object-ACCY-Stand-Stool-Chair-Divider-Table-Shelf-Sofa-Bed. The furniture of the same type will be randomly re-stored if it goes over the upper limit)

6. Removed "Warmth Indicator" from Dorm daily mission. The mission reward Serum Bundle β(M) will be kept in the new-added common Daily mission - "Daily Dormitory" (enter the Dorm one time).

== Phantom Pain Cage & War Zone ==

1. Optimized the ranking of Phantom Pain Cage. iOS or Android users will be ranked together. (The new ranking rules will take effect after the next reset of Phantom Pain Cage after maintenance)

2. Increased War Zone daily unlock attempts to 2 on every Saturday and Sunday.

3. Increased Phantom Pain Cage daily challenge attempts to 8 on every Saturday and Sunday.

4. Adjusted the Ranking range for the "Intermediate" group and "Advanced" group in Phantom Pain Cage and War Zone. Now, "Intermediate: Lv.55 ~ 79, Advanced: Lv.80 ~ 120".

- After the maintenance, the text display for the grouping range will change immediately, but Commandants will be regrouped after the next reset of the Phantom Pain Cage/War Zone.

- The current round for Phantom Pain Cage / War Zone won't be affected.

5. All Phantom Pain Cage Bosses' basic attacks decrease 20%.

6. Adjustment for Boss Camu :

1) Removed the invincible state for Boss Camu when exploding, added a short-term Super Armor effect to Boss Camu when exploding.

2) Boss Camu is now immune to control effects at all times.

3) Doubled Boss Camu's HP than before.

7. Adjustment for Unknown Construct α :

1) The halt effect will no longer be triggered when the Unknown Construct α is hit or blocked.

2) Unknown Construct α is now immune to control effects at all times

PGR Team

November 15, 2021