UPDATE: 2021-10-10 【Punishing: Gray Raven】


Greeting Commandants,

Thank you for supporting Punishing: Gray Raven. We plan to perform the update maintenance of the new version "Eternal Engine" on October 12, 2021. During the maintenance, Commandants will unable to enter the game temporarily. To prevent data loss, please get offline in advance before the maintenance starts, thanks for your understanding.


October 12, 02:00 - 09:00 am (UTC) 


Black Cards *500, Serum Bundle (S) *1

I. Eternal Engine - New Constructs | 6★ Weapons | Coatings

1. New Constructs

1) Bianca: Veritas

Info: S-Rank, Attacker

- 100% rate up in [Themed Limited Research] and [Fate Themed Limited Research] during Oct 13, 08:00 - Nov 10, 07:59 (UTC).

2) Sophia: Silverfang

Info: A-Rank, Support

- 100% rate up in [Basic Construct Research] during Oct 20, 08:00 - Nov 16, 07:59 (UTC).

- Will be permanently added and 80% rate up in [Basic Construct Research] after Nov 16, 08:00 (UTC).

- Can also acquire her Inver-Shard from the event shop Akdilek Exchange.

(*Don't forget to change the rate-up set before starting the [Basic Construct Research]. For guarantee rules of the above Constructs, please refer to the in-game banner description.)

2. New 6★ Weapons

1) Tonitrus (Bianca: Veritas Exclusive) 

- Available in [Basic Weapon Research] after maintenance on Oct 12.

- Available in [Target Weapon Research] on Oct 13, 08:00 (UTC).

2) Scion (Sophia: Silverfang Exclusive)

- Available in [Basic Weapon Research] after maintenance on Oct 12.

- Available in [Target Weapon Research] on Oct 20, 08:00 (UTC).

(*For guarantee rules, please refer to the in-game banner description.)

3. New Coatings

1) New Coating for Bianca: Veritas

Discount Period: Oct 13, 08:00 - Nov 16, 07:59 (UTC).

[Pact of Zero]

Price: 98 Rainbow Cards (30% off)

2) New Coatings for Sophia: Silverfang

Discount Period: Oct 20, 8:00 - Nov 16, 07:59 (UTC)

[Starry Desert

Price: 98 Rainbow Cards (30% off)

[Chief Mechanic

Price: 98 Rainbow Cards (30% off)

(*The above Coatings will be sold in the regular Coating Shop at the original price from Nov 16, 08:00 (UTC).)

3) New Coating for Kamui: Tenebrion

Discount Period: Oct 29, 08:00 - Nov 16, 07:59 (UTC)

[Spectral Parade Coating Bundle] (Halloween special effect Coating, contains Construct Coating and Coating Portrait)

Price: 168 Rainbow Cards (30% off)

(*The Coating Spectral Parade will not be sold in the regular Coating Shop after the event. The matching Halloween Weapon Coating for Spectral Parade will be available in the future, please pay attention to our official news.)

II. New Events

1. New Main Story - Eternal Engine

Duration: After maintenance on Oct 12 - Nov 16, 06:59 (UTC)

Unlock Requirement: Commandant Lv. 40

- New Chapter Eternal Engine is available to all Commandants during the event. Commandants can try out new Constructs Bianca: Veritas and Sophia: Silverfang in certain stages.

- It will remain as a Main Chapter after the duration of the event and Commandants will have to complete the prerequisites to access the content (clear Fallen Star Hidden Stage 9-6).

2. New Interlude


Bianca: Veritas: Oct 13 - Nov 15, 06:59 (UTC)

Sophia Silverfang: Oct 20 - Nov 15, 06:59 (UTC)

Unlock Requirement: Commandant Lv. 40

- Commandants can clear the corresponding Interlude challenge stage to obtain Inver-Shard - Zero and Inver-Shard - Silverfang. 

- After the event, the Interlude stages will be locked and Commandants will have to complete the prerequisites to access the content (obtain corresponding Constructs).

3. Challenge Stages - Eternal Throne

Duration: After maintenance on Oct 12 - Nov 15, 06:59 (UTC)

Unlock Requirement: Commandant Lv. 40

[Normal Mode]

- There are 5 Chapters in Normal Mode where mainly drop Memories, Magnetic Tickets and event token Akdilek Coins.

[Abyss Mode]

- The stages in Abyss Mode are guaranteed to drop 6★ Memories. Magnetic Tickets are needed for beginning the stages.

4. Babel Tower - Sands of Infinity

Duration: Oct 19, 02:00 - Nov 15, 06:59 (UTC)

Unlock Requirement: Commandant Lv. 60

- 6★ Memory Sets -- Cottie, Condelina, and Frederick are contained in the latest Babel Tower Challenge Mission rewards.

5. Exploration Stages - APUS

Duration: Oct 12, 02:00 - Nov 15, 06:59 (UTC)

Unlock Requirement: Commandant Lv. 55

- APUS is a roguelike exploration stage. Commandants will form your team and explore the mystery zone, find your way to reach the final Boss.

6. Boss Challenge - Full Speed Ahead

Duration: Nov 1, 07:00 - Nov 14, 06:59 (UTC)

Unlock Requirement: Commandant Lv. 40

- Full Speed Ahead is a Boss challenge stage. Commandants will fight against the Bosses with your Constructs, and will obtain event token Akdilek CoinsRoyal Tokens and Black Cards from the first clearance of every stage.

7. Event Shop

Duration: After maintenance on Oct 12 - Nov 16, 06:59 (UTC)

Unlock Requirement: Commandant Lv. 20

[Merit Exchange]

- Unlocking the progressive rewards by obtaining a specific amount of Royal Tokens from the first clearance of stages in Eternal Throne and Full Speed Ahead.

[Akdilek Exchange] 

- Consuming event token Akdilek Coins for exchanging the rewards: Inver-Shard - Silverfang, 6★ Memory Set: Heisen, Corrupted Dorm Members and Enhance Materials.

III. Updated Contents


1. Commandants can replay the story when restarting the cleared stages.

2. Added Lucia: Crimson Abyss into the drop of [Arrival Limited Research] and [Fate Arrival Limited Research].

3. Added Chinese Dubbing for Constructs.

4. Added filtering button in the shop.

5. Added "Coating Overview" function in Coating/Skin shop. Commandants can click Coating's portrait and skipping to the overview interface when going through the Coating Pack.

6. Added "Applicable Constructs" notice for Weapons in "Regular Shop". Commandants can preview the capable Construct for the Weapon in the shop.

7. Added the "Multi-Challenge" button for the Resources stages.

8. Added "Note" function in the friend list.

9. Adjusted the appearance performance and skill effect of some monsters in the Warzone, and removed some monsters' skills which may bring the bad experience.

10. Adjusted the Ranking range for the "Intermediate" group and "Advanced" group in Phantom Pain Cage. (from "Intermediate: Lv.55 ~ 69, Advanced: Lv.70 ~ 100" to "Intermediate: Lv.55 ~ 79, Advanced: Lv.80 ~ 100". )

- After the maintenance, the text display for the grouping range will change immediately, but Commandants will be regrouped after the next reset of the Phantom Pain Cage on Oct 18, 07:00 (UTC).

- The current round from Oct 11, 07:00 - Oct 18, 06:59(UTC) won't be affected.

- Commandants who reached level 55+ before the maintenance will receive [Phantom Pain Scars *10] as compensation via in-game mail. The mail will expire in 14 days. 

11. Optimized the performance of some UI interfaces.

12. Optimized the camera view moving issues of emulators in some circumstances.

13. Optimized the combat experience of Iron Maiden and Roseblade.

14. Optimized the manual lock function, and added a manual lock button.

15. Optimized the selecting interaction and performance for the self-pick packs.

16. Corrected the Buff Affix effect description for "Shield" and "Barrier", from "obtain the maximum HP value" to "obtain the current HP value". (only corrected the description, did not change the numerical value )

17. Fixed the issue that the Bomb Buff Affix's detect range was larger than the effect range.

18. Fixed the issue that Weak Buff Affix would cause the enemy to attack abnormally.

19. Fixed the issue that the action of Rose Blade was not synchronized with the special effect performance.

20. The numerical value for Construct's battle power can be viewed in the Team Setting.


1. Fixed the 4-Set effect issues for Memory [Guinee] and [Philip II] that healing charge would not count when the Construct is not on the battlefield.


1. Fixed the issue that the invincibility status for Nanami: Pulse would abnormally prolong after dodging.

2. Fixed the issue that Karenina: Ember would not do damage to the enemies when instantly dodging after releasing the Blue orb skill.

3. Fixed the issue that the "damage reduction effect does not increase with skill level" for Kamui: Tenebrion's skill [War Intent].

4. Fixed the issue that the arrows would surround the attacking target abnormally after Bianca Zero released the signature skill.

5. Fixed the issue that close-up would be lost when Bianca Zero released the signature skill continuously.

6. Fixed the Leader Skill issues for Watanabe: Astral and Ayla: Brilliance. Now when Watanabe: Astra or Ayla: Brilliance being the leader in the Blue or Yellow position, the team member in the Red position can be enhanced by their Leader Skills normally.

7. Fixed the issue that the warning circle did not disappear after being detected in the stealth state in the second Interlude stage of the Watanabe: Nightblade.

8. Fixed the issue that Liv: Lux's SSS+ passive skills could not be triggered normally.


1. Added new Dorm decorations bundle - Snowy.

2. Added some new Corrupted Dorm Members.

3. Fixed display abnormal issue for "Teahouse's Flag" in [TeaTime] Dorm decoration.

4. Fixed display abnormal issue for "Spring Couplet" in [TeaTime] Dorm decoration.

5. Two Corrupted dorm residents - "Memory 10 Gun" & "Memory 10 Arrow", changed their name into "B5 Pokey" & "B5 Pointy".

PGR Team

October 10, 2021