UPDATE: 2021-12-28 【Punishing: Gray Raven】


The new version of Frozen Darkness is now available! The new character Lucia: Crimson Abyss will guide you to the hearts of the mysteries that the Arctic holds. Take part in the fan video activity, record your adventures in this post-apocalyptic world, and share your unique plays with others! If you find the battlefield too heated, you can also cool down by imagining and speculating about the daily life of Constructs. Show everyone how creative you can be!    

Click here for the event page

CONTEST THEME: Unlimited. Any creative work related to PGR Global game content will be eligible.

- Please use characters that are implemented in the current version of PGR Global. Depictions of characters not in this category will not be eligible as a contest entry.    

- You can submit videos that teach players how to play, highlight what makes PGR good, analyze the scenarios, illustrate or redraw PGR content, and even more!    

If you have any further inquiries, please contact us through:

- If you wish to create content that requires 3D models, there will be a download link in the page of the fan art page banner providing PGR character 3D models and their chibi version models. Download them and make awesome cinematics! 

CONTEST PERIOD: August 6 – September 3, 07:00 (UTC) 


- Users can submit and display their entries on our website. Viewers can then watch or like these entries through our official website or on YouTube. (If a user has submitted multiple works, then only the one with the highest amount of views and likes will be eligible for prizes.

- Only the video which is submitted on the website and reviewed by the official team can join the contest. Do not submit your creation on the website. 

- At the end of the contest, we will select the top 15 videos as the winners based on the number of views and interactivity on YouTube, as well as the likes on the fan art page. The 15 winners will then be reviewed by PGR Official to select the 2 Grand Prize winners.  

- The remained top 13 videos will get rewards according to exact ranking.  


PGR Official will appraise the top 15 videos with the most views on YouTube and award 2 of the videos with the Grand Prize.    

Excluding the 2 Grand Prize winners, the top 3 videos with the most views on YouTube will then be awarded the Outstanding Prize.    

Excluding the 2 Grand Prize winners, the top 4-13 videos with the most views on YouTube will then be awarded Honorary Mentions.

Grand Prize: BC x2,500, Basic Construct Ticket x10,000, Apex Arctech Lucia: Dawn action figure    

Outstanding Prize: BC x1,500, Basic Construct Ticket x5,000, GSC Lucia: Crimson Abyss Nendoroid    

Honorary Mentions: BC x1,000, Basic Construct Ticket x3,000, Lucia: Dawn Acrylic Stand



- Upload the video to your YouTube channel and fill in the relevant video title and description.    

- Go to the website "" and fill in the link to your YouTube video, as well as the information below.    

- Video Type: Gameplay/Anime    

- Video Description: Input your video title    

- Video Tag: Please select the video-related tags that we have provided.    

- Creator Name: Please note that after inputting your name once, it will be locked and cannot be further edited.    


- You will have to use a 3rd-party account to register on our website before submitting your fan work.    

- You can submit any amount of videos, but only the one with the highest ranking can qualify for prizes.    

- Please ensure that the information you have filled in is accurate. We do not hold any responsibility for any troubles caused by submitting false information.    

- We will only contact you through the email address you have submitted. Please fill in your information accurately and retain any relevant information. 


- Once your video entry is submitted, there will be a review process (24 hours max).     

- If you submit a video that fails to meet the above requirements or violates our rules, it will not go through the review.     

- You can check the status of your entries in the list of your submissions.     

- Please refer to the requirements and rules in this announcement. If your video fails to go through our review, please modify it according to our requirements and rules.  - Once the video has gone through the review, it will be available for the public.  



- We will send an e-mail to contact the prize winners. If you do not reply with the relevant information within a week (7 days) after we have sent the e-mail, you will be treated as forfeiting the prize.    

- We are not responsible for troubles arising from the prize winner's negligence or refusal to respond to official messages.  



- Please tag your video type when submitting your video entry.    

- All videos must be fully original. If you fail to meet this requirement, you may be immediately disqualified.    

- The video content must be relevant to PGR Global content. There are no limits to the video lengths.    

You may not submit videos that you have posted on any platform before the submission date of this contest, including deleted and resubmitted entries. Your entry should preferably not contain a watermark or any personal logo from any other platform.    

- Collaborative works including multiple parties should be submitted by only 1 account.    

- All videos should not contain political, violent, pornographic, grotesque or any other such elements restricted by the upload platform. Any materials that may involve copyright infringement or violate relevant regulations are also strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification. Please note that entries that include obvious commercial promotion are also ineligible.    

- By submitting your work as an entry, you agree to the PGR Official's right of using your work. However, the creator will still retain the permanent right of authorship to their work and other rights.    

- Participants should share and promote their entries honestly. If any acts of cheating (e.g. data modification, account spamming, etc.) are found, then the participant will no longer be eligible to participate in the contest. PGR Official will investigate the issue thoroughly then remove the submission.    

The Punishing: Gray Raven operations management team reserves the rights of final interpretation for this event.    

PGR Team

August 6, 2021