UPDATE: 2021-12-28 【Punishing: Gray Raven】


This event is an illustration contest of Punishing: Gray Raven fan art. Please create illustrations related to the PGR mobile game. There are no thematic restrictions, but works unrelated to PGR will not qualify.    

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- You may use PGR characters, events, and settings in your work and create fan art that abides by the rules.    

- There are no restrictions regarding the style, format, or amount of PGR characters used in the work, but works that do not include PGR characters will not be eligible for prizes.    

- Please use characters that are implemented in the current version of PGR Global. Depictions of characters not in this category will not be eligible as a contest entry.  

- You may submit multiple works, but only 1 of your submitted works can win a prize.


CONTEST PERIOD: Aug 6 – Sept 3, 07:00 (UTC)  



No. 1-2: BC x2,500, Basic Construct Ticket x10,000, 1,500 USD (Includes copyright transfer fee), Apex Arctech Lucia: Dawn action figure    

No. 3-5: BC x1,500, Basic Construct Ticket x5,000, GSC Lucia: Crimson Abyss Nendoroid    

No. 6-15: BC x1,000, Basic Construct Ticket x3,000, Lucia: Dawn Acrylic Stand



PGR Official will appraise the top 15 illustrations with the most likes on the website and award 2 of the videos with the Grand Prize.    

Excluding the 2 Grand Prize winners, the top 1-3 illustrations with the most likes on the website will then be awarded the Outstanding Prize.    

Excluding the 2 Grand Prize winners, the top 4-13 illustrations with the most likes on the website will then be awarded Honorary Mentions. 




- Go to the website "https://pgr.kurogame.net/start/index" and upload your creation, as well as the information below.    

- Type: Fanarts    

- Description: Input your title    

- Tag: Please select fanart tags that we have provided.    

- Creator Name: Please note that after inputting your name once, it will be locked and cannot be further edited. 


- Contest participants should ensure that they have read and are willing to abide by the rules before submitting their entries. P:GR Official will review all entries and holds the right to invalidate the entries that violate the contest rules.    

- All works submitted by the participants must have never been used commercially or authorized for others' usage. The entry must be original and first published by the participant. The entry must not be used in other competitions, must not be copied or stolen from others, and the copyright must not have been transferred to others. (If the work contains other materials [non-original elements], the creator must be authorized to use such material.) If a copyright dispute occurs during the competition or the commercial usage of entries, the legal responsibility shall be undertaken by the participant themselves. If you would like to report content that violates our rules, please contact us through "encreators@kurogame.com".    

- During the entry period, participants may not transfer the rights or license their entries to any third party, and may not use their entries to participate in other events or competitions similar in format to this event.    

- If the entry is a collaboration between multiple parties, the uploader must have the consent of all collaborators and list all the names of collaborators. A single user account may upload multiple contest entries of different collaborative parties, and the appraisal result will treat each individual work as a different unit, meaning that a single user may win multiple prizes.    

- Entries with visually disruptive watermarks will not be accepted (Except PGR logos).    

- Please do not spread false information to impede the rightful procession of the event and to infringe on the participatory rights of other participants, either by yourself or through the commissioning of others.    

Participants are not allowed to publish works that are illegal, distinctly unrelated to PGR, contain sensitive content, contain parodies, impersonate others, or are overly crude in quality that serves as "placeholders" which do not meet the contest requirements.    

- For consistency and ease of use for PGR Official, please use reasonable resolutions, the RGB color model, and the JPG format when uploading the entry. Please also keep copies of the original file. 


- The full copyright ownership of the top 3 entries will transfer to Kuro Games, and creators who agree to the transfer will have to sign a copyright transfer agreement. - -- PGR Official will retain all rights and interests to redesign, reproduce, sell, display, and publish the corresponding design. The creator shall not re-authorize or transfer this right to any other individual or institution. The creator will retain the permanent right of authorship to their work.    

- PGR Official will own the rights to display, report, promote, and use the entries for marketing activities. The copyright of the entry will belong to both the author and - - PGR Official and the creator will retain the right of authorship to their work. If PGR Official wishes to develop, produce, sell, and or commercially use entries other than the winning ones, written permission must be obtained from the creator and the corresponding design fees will be paid to the creator.    

- Once an entry is submitted, the participating creator is deemed that they agree to and abides by the relevant rules of the contest. If there are copyright disputes of the work in commercial usage, PGR official will not bear the legal responsibility arising from the infringement of the rights of individuals (or organizations) by the work, and the participant that submitted the work will bear all legal responsibility.    

- If the winning participant does not agree to fulfill the relevant copyright transfer or authorization procedures, they will be as voluntarily forfeiting the corresponding prize. 


Game contents of Punishing: Gray Raven within works belongs to Kuro Games.  


PGR Official reserves the rights of final interpretation for this event.    

PGR Team

August 6, 2021